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FriendsMehfil is an Entertainment site

Actually, First time i bought this domain in 2010 when i didn’t know anything about website or domain. My Friends bought this domain for me and he made static website it was just chat site, but after 2012 it was expired then i bought again same domain in 2017 that time i knew little bit about WordPress so i made a simple movie download site or watch online movies. It was quite good but problem was every day i was getting copyright from google. So i decided to rebuilt this site again i removed all movies from site and now am trying to make a different site right now you can do chat with different people from different countries also you can read articles.

You Can read articles about travelling but in future you will find more informative things on this site like as Daily News, Top 5 things and many more.

Actually i want to make this site is an Entertainment and informative site so you guys can do entertain yourself on this site while reading informative post and online chat.

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If you are looking any specific topic and country info you can tell us in comments we will write about your specific topic or country.