Here are amazing things you did not know about the Earth

By | June 8, 2019

Men tend to believe that the Earth is their property, that it is theirs.

We see trees, mountains, and lakes, but we do not really appreciate them because they are part of our daily lives. Nothing impresses us anymore. When you go to see what the Earth can produce, and how strange it may be, you will quickly change your mind. Your perception of this crazy world in which we live will change. Ready?Lightning

coming out of a volcano:

When a volcano erupts, it releases a powerful amount of energy into the air. This spectacular image is taken from a video of a German filmmaker, Marc Szeglat, who observed this phenomenon in Japan, on Kyushu Island. The crater of the volcano named Sakurajima erupted in March 2015. This “volcanic storm” can cause violent and sudden reactions and would occur because of the friction of particles that accumulate static charges both positive and negative. When the voltage becomes too high, the static electricity is released in the form of lightning. Awesome!

Lightning coming out of a volcano

Lightning coming out of a volcano

Steam coming out of the ground:

This geothermal phenomenon accompanies the aurora borealis and colors the sky of the night on a beautiful green shade.

Steam coming out of the ground Steam coming out of the ground
Underwater rivers:

In Mexico, in the cenotes, are water anomalies that occur only when heavy materials sink to the bottom of the water, thus creating their own flow? We then have an impression of a river in the sea.

Underwater rivers Underwater rivers
Cloud tubes

Called the “morning glory clouds”, these cloud tubes are mostly born in the York Peninsula in Australia, due to the particular atmospheric pressure conditions where the sea breezes of the gulf and the ocean converge on the land. If you have the chance to see some, enjoy them!

Cloud tubes Cloud tubes
Red crabs on Christmas Island in Australia:

There are more than 120 million crabs on Christmas Island, located in Australia! During the late fall and early winter, these crabs, en masse, make their way to the ocean to mate.

Red crabs on Christmas Island in Australia Red crabs on Christmas Island in Australia
The Door of Hell:

This natural gas ventilation, located in Turkmenistan, has been a popular tourist attraction because of its flame that has not died out since 1971. A flame. whose first spark was lit by man.

The Door of Hell The Door of Hell

Stones that move:

These 300-kg stones move within Death Valley, California, without the help of humans or machines. It has recently been discovered that during the winter, these large rocks move when layers of water and ice begin to melt beneath them. The stones then go where there is sand.

Stones that move Stones that move
A rainbow on a tree:

This multicolored tree is called Rainbow Eucalyptus and has a variety of colors similar to a paint palette. This color is natural and can be explained because of its bark peeling in different places. Under each layer, a different color is there. This tree is found on various islands such as New Britain, Seram, Sulawesi or Mindanao, which are part of the archipelagos of the Philippines, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea.
From the blue lava:
Photographed by Olivier Grunewald, it seems that the volcano Kawah Ijen, on the island of Java, spits blue lava. This is not the case. These are flames, created by the burning of sulfur. But the photo is bluffing!

A rainbow on a tree A rainbow on a tree
Beautiful reflections:

What happens when the minerals of millions of years, are combined with sand and red stones? A village is similar to a relief drawing! This takes place in China, in Danxia. The mountains have stones dating back 24 million years. The minerals have been pressed, and different tectonic plates are of different colors. This gives a beautiful village in relief!

Beautiful reflections Beautiful reflections

A spectacular storm:

Tornadoes and hurricanes are common phenomena in the United States. This cloud is called “Supercell”: it is a super-cellular storm that took place near Julesburg, Colorado, in the United States.

A spectacular storm A spectacular storm
Lake Natron, Tanzania:

This lake of Africa has the particularity of having a rate of acidity so high that it can burn the skin and the eyes of animals not used. Due mainly to soda ash and other minerals dumped by the surrounding hills. Suddenly, animals that have the misfortune to die on this hyper acid lake, sink … and find themselves as mummified.

Lake Natron, Tanzania Lake Natron, Tanzania

A storm that never ends:

Many do not like the sound of thunder and lightning. But imagine if you had to suffer a rain of lightning. That’s what happened in 2013 … on the island of Ikaria, Greece.

A storm that never ends A storm that never ends
Lenticular clouds:

These clouds, similar to masterpieces, occur only when the air flows over a mountain, and toward larger and denser clouds.

Lenticular clouds Lenticular clouds
Migration of monarch butterflies:

Each year, millions of monarch butterflies paint the skies of California and Mexico during their migration.

Migration of monarch butterflies Migration of monarch butterflies

Ice hair:

It looks like locks of hair or ice. But it’s actually “pseudomonas syringae”, a specific bacterium that reproduces in filament!

Ice hair Ice hair

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