Angel Falls, Venezuela, The highest waterfall in the world

By | June 19, 2019

Angel Falls, The highest waterfall in the world

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Venezuela overflows with natural miracles, including the world’s highest waterfall—the 3,212-foot waterfalls of Angel Falls, located in the UNESCO-protected CA Naima National Park. CA Naima is by far the country’s most popular attraction, and the falls stretch an astounding 19 times higher than Niagara Falls. Bonus: Pixar animators used the location as inspiration for Paradise Falls in Up—so you know it’s good.

Before the mid – the 1950s, the falls were an unknown wonder. Even the original Kamarakotos Pomona people who occupied the valley nearby Auyan – Tepu Stayed away, believing that Angel Falls’ location protected harmful feelings.

In 1933, airborne American gold prospector James Crawford (‘Jimmie’) Angel discovered Angel Falls accidentally, flying over the mountain in his Flamingo monoplane while in search of a valuable rock bed.

In 1937, Jimmie returned to the falls, his second wife, Marie, and connections Gustavo Henry and Miguel Delgado also aboard his jittery, fixed-wing plane.

Although Jimmie landed his plane successfully on Auyan – tipu’s heart-shaped peak, the plane’s wheels became submerged in mud, and Jimmie’s aircraft remained isolated on the mountain until 1970.

For 11 days, the group walked across rough land, having to share their limited food supplies, until they reached a small settlement at Kamarata. Word spread of Jimmie’s exploits and the falls’ suitably named after him. The Story upset international interest in the Angel Falls and many scientific investigations followed.

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