Cam River, Cambridge England United Kingdom

By | December 9, 2017

Cam River, Cambridge England United Kingdom

Cam River is the principle waterway coursing through Cambridge in eastern England. Subsequent to leaving Cambridge, it streams north and east into the Great Ouse toward the south of Ely at Pope’s Corner

The Cam River has been safe since (at any rate) Roman occasions. Notices of it have been made all through the Middle Ages including the sorts of payload conveyed – corn being the fundamental fare with building materials coming in to serve the developing college town of Cambridge. Before the 1200’s, the traversable stream kept running from the focal point of Cambridge in a northerly heading to Ely. Further north it met the River Great Ouse and the joined waters turned into the Wellstream, traveling north west to Wisbech and afterward into the ocean.

Cam River

During the Middle Ages, however, the route of the Cam River was changed dramatically and the course remaining today is only about 1⁄2 of its original length. The first changes occurred in the 1200s when the people of Earith diverted the river into the Aldreth River on the Great Ouse.

Before that, the Aldreth River had flowed from Stretham to Earith westward from the Cam, but the diversion reversed the flow of the Aldreth River, causing the Great Ouse to flow into the Cam River. From Stretham the Great Ouse and Cam Rivers joined forces to The Wellstream all the way.

Cam River History

The River Cam has been known under different names amid its history, for example, the Cham, Rhee, Granta and Grant. Its upper reaches additionally have two separate courses. The westerly one is presently known as the River Rhee while the more southerly course is known as the River Granta however both are generally thought of as the River Cam.

The River Rhee course starts at Ashwell in Hertfordshire around 3 miles east of the A1. It travels north for around 3 miles to a 3-way province fringe, going out of Hertfordshire and running along the Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire limit. After a mile it leaves the fringe and heads north east over the Cambridgeshire wide open for 4 miles.After being crossed by the A1198 (Ermine Street Roman street) it travels east for 5 miles until the point that it approaches the A10 close to the town of Foxton. Three wandering miles further north, close Haslingfield, the River Rhee meets the River Granta.

The River Granta course starts close Henham in Essex, only a couple of miles north of Stansted Airport and Bishop’s Stortford. At a certain point a trench from the Lee and Stort Navigation to Cambridge was arranged which would have been known as the London and Cambridge Canal. It is bizarre that the association was not finished as the separation from Bishop’s Stortford to Cambridge is just around 30 miles. The trench would have pursued – or utilized – the River Granta segment of the River Cam.

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